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Our friend Barry D. Butler sent us his song "THE VISION". Thank you !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcM5XP0i6-E

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WWSEEP - World Wide Social Economical Ecological Partnership

Unschuldig Are you LUCKY, or do you have the CHANCE to become lucky?

Or is the World, is your country, like this structure?

SOME   RICH Cool and MANY   POOR StirnrunzelndStirnrunzelndStirnrunzelndStirnrunzelndStirnrunzelnd

DO YOU LIKE this asymmetric Power?

OR - do you want POSITIVE WELFARE CONDITONS for you and your children?

If yes - help us. Distribute the Idea.



Some may say - this is impossible ->  I think E V E R Y T H I N G is possible.

Why? Today everything is organised. So the Key to success is Organisation, is to manage it.

Learn more about the organisational CONCEPT. Understand, contribute, how we may boost a welfare Vision.

After WW2 in Austria, a small country, a Social Partnership was established. And people had a good time of prosperity, safety, peace, within the country. A wonderful place to live.

Can this been organised everywhere? YES. We, the people make Laws. We live in democracy, in legal states. So, why shouldn't we strive for our own positive future? Only 4 targets, on what our Politicians, Lobbyists, Interest groups shall work. They shall serve the society. Not the other way. Measure them, and look for the Power balance.

Why are those who are not so many dominating the fortune (kismet) of the billions?

Ask yourself. What is really important for you? And write it to us. Start the discussion. Spread it, to your friends, to others.


WWSEEP - Welfare for all people

World Wide Social Economical Ecological Partnership

(Weltweite Soziale Ökonomische Ökologische Partnerschaft)



When we bundle the forces we'll have more impact. Pull all on 1 rope.

We will promote human Potentials. Work on positive targets. Not destroy human lives. We are the human development Project.  Eric

"Weak Leading dragoon the people. Great Leading create Potentials."



VISION/Mission:  We want Wealth, Equal Chances, Health and good

Environment, Social Stability for you, your children, for all people!

Often we'll have success, sometimes not. But we'll always give our best to create Welfare for you and all people in each country.


Would you please help?

Please distribute the Concept, talk about it (even if you have another opinion), e-mail our Link to friends ! Start talking about welfare societies. Ask for Products which have the WWSEEP-sign. Help us to establish it.


What's your personnel benefit?

Live in peace and tolerance. In Welfare. In Stable economic, environmental and social conditions. Everywhere on our wonderful Planet.

Contact us . WE HELP YOU to establish welfare for you, and the WWSEEP - concept.

If you like the Vision, please support/donate. Each €,$ helps for doing Projects. Finally we want to reach a frame in which donation for poor is not necessary any more. It will become wonderful.

Current Project: We want to establish the Key Figure System for the welfare of all people. Each human LIFE must be ESTEEMED. It shall be implemented in a company, in a city. In nations.

Your Project: Act. Help us. Send us each month your welfare figures. What is good/wrong with your welfare possibilities. We create Petitions, and press interest Partners to act.



REALISATION: How can welfare been established?

We need Power and Counterpower balanced. Only 4 targets for a positive future. A sign, beared by the Interest groups which strive for peaceful targets, and grants for human min. Standards. With an upwards spiral we will create welfare for all people. Then we will develop. Read more .....

Is it easy to understand? Too big, too small? Too simple? Give us Feedback. Think positive.

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2. Target system -

Balanced Score Card

3. Approval sign

4. Improvement

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